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A severe case of explosive diarrhea from eating bad fish at Hannukah.
Man, I never should have eaten that pickled herring last night. I ended up tossing a mazeltov cocktail in my toilet this morning.
by Uncle Buck, Tennessee September 28, 2018
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The unexpected disclosure of a person's Jewishness in, or creating, an extremely awkward or combustible situation.
In his autobiography The Ragman's Son, Kirk Douglas (nee Issur Danielovich) recounts many instances of confronting anti-Semitism he encounters by people unaware the actor himself is Jewish. In a particularly notable example, Douglas explodes a Mazeltov Cocktail in the face of an anti-semitic actress immediately after bedding her, remarking at the climactic moment, "I am a Jew...You are being f...d by a Jew."
by PBCHLS92 February 21, 2012
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When a Jewish man jizzes into his Bar Mitzvah yamaka and then proceeds to spit in it. The yamaka is then furiously tossed into the face of his partner.
Michael was thrilled to throw his messy, Mazeltov Cocktail directly in Louise's face.
by BlueBoobies96 March 16, 2016
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A "Jewish good luck" alcoholic beverage that unexpectedly blows up in your face when you're about to take a sip.
Mazeltov cocktails are indeed extremely startling and traumatic. If said explosive concoction is carefully formulated to be non-injurious, though, but merely to scare da livin' crap outta da "victim", it can sometimes be effective in getting him to stop drinking altogether, just like da infamous snapping/shocking cigarette-pack is intended to encourage someone to "kick da habit", since da booby-trapped box's acutely-unwelcome "surprise" will make da smoker always warily think twice before "lighting up" in da future.
by QuacksO November 10, 2018
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