A Mofo gay guy with no mofo gainzz to show
-He is one of the fattest in business, he can eat his own friends.

-He goes to da gym, but motherf*ker has been there 2 years and no difference has been made.
*at the gym*

man: who is that fatman
Bitch: He probably is a mauricio, he seems to have a small dick and no gainz
by HydroMen March 04, 2016
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Mauricio is an asshole he doesn’t know how to keep a girl and is an asshole. People who are named Mauricio are typically man whores.
Did you see that guy Mauricio? He’s already with another girl
by MyDefinitionsAreCorrect June 16, 2019
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Self centered narcissistic cheating Mexican who wastes his time getting into fights on facebook post comments. A Fuckboi.
Mauricio is hooking up with Madeline, Elizabeth, Vanessa, and Maria in the same week, he's such a fuckboi.
by One of his Bitches May 03, 2017
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Mauricio is a guy who makes everyone smile. People often look to him to save shifts at work and buy lunch at breaktime. He often attracts many males at the workplace with his intensely starry eyes!! Be very careful not to lock eyes with him. Once you do he will be your lover boy always.
Why get a girl when you can get a Mauricio!!!
by AZnonymous June 23, 2021
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A man thot who has probably asked out every girl in school and has STD's
"Mauricio has STD's, don't date nor talk to him and DEFINITELY do NOT touch him!"
via giphy
by YeetusTeetusBoBeetus December 07, 2019
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