Someone who suddenly seems high or crazy at random times.
Dude, you just got all Mauricio for a minute.
by jomama666 January 16, 2007
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Mauricio is a very funny guy. He knows how to flirt and good in the bed. Ladies should hit his dms first. He likes to do pranks and and is ladys man. But he is not no simp never cath him lacking being a simp.
by jordan lemor October 08, 2019
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A GREAT cuddler and is very romantic...But sometimes can be self centerd. And isnt very humurous, he takes things seriously...
"Mauricio cuddle me!"
by lovetoeat November 14, 2011
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Mauricio is a brown boy with a dream. Always on his bag.
Juan is such a mauricio, you know he’s going to Harvard?”
by Clickclackpat October 16, 2018
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mauricio is a super hot white guy/mexican who can pull any girl (except one). He has the most beautiful eyes and the scrumptiest peach fuzz. Looking at his lean muscles will make you wish he was absolutely rocking your shit (WWE way). Everyone needs a Mauricio in their life just so they can see how much better it makes it.
Julianna: wow you're so awesome
Mauricio: stfu bitch you broke my heart
via giphy
by sexiest person alive <3 February 04, 2021
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A Mauricio is a type of Latin American man that is unlike any other. They always enjoy sleeping naked. They are always very romantic and will never forget an important date. They often have awesome dreams of very successful futures. They don't like to make plans but will always get everything done and with extreme sexiness. Mauricios are generous and always helpful, they often are not aware of how appreciated they really are. Mauricios are amazing in everyway and are especially special when completed with a jamie pulito;), i <3 u jamie!!!!
mauricio totes loves jamie;)
by awshe and fabs September 14, 2011
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