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1. A practice that is shunned publicly by the general populace, but privately performed by millions. Particularly enjoyable when you have satin sheets.

2. Something you probably shouldnt spring on your girlfriend the first time she stays over.

3. Something not to do when sleeping on your best mate's couch after a heavy night of drinking.
1. Pastor to the clergy: "Sleeping naked is a sin, and those who partake of it will burn in hell! It promotes promiscuity and filth!!"

2. gf: "Arghghg! what's that?"
you: "Nothing i just like to sleep naked"
gf: "You filthy perverted monkey! get away from me"

3. So i walked into the loungeroom, and there was Jamie passed out and spreadeagled on the couch. We took photos and put them on the web.
by friend of p May 01, 2005
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