Mauricio is a very funny guy. He knows how to flirt and good in the bed. Ladies should hit his dms first. He likes to do pranks and and is ladys man. But he is not no simp never cath him lacking being a simp.
by jordan lemor October 8, 2019
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This boy is a bomb ass nigga, although he may be a bit autistic he is a sex god. He can size his dick up or down to the preferred size. He is also extremely good at Fortnite. Whenever you see him he has a hand ready to beat his chest with a loose wrist and a firm hand. He is extremely chill and a cool guy to hang out with. All he needs is a girlfriend which he could totally get cause according to my sources, he is a sexy beast. He is a 100% beaner and is extremely proud that my grandpa owned his.
Ty: Shit is that Mauricio?
Peter: Fuck ya nigga, I finna cum
by Claustrophobic Teletubby October 17, 2019
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Mauricio is a very smart guy...he will always know how to treat a girl right and he's good in bed

He will always make you happy..mauricio can turn any girl on..but he is vary serious with his relationships..only the girl he loves can get to his soft last thing he's vary loyal..I wish I had a boyfriend like him
Girl hey your cute

Mauricio thx but I have a girlfriend
by Mauricio in shot September 20, 2018
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A Mauricio is a type of Latin American man that is unlike any other. They always enjoy sleeping naked. They are always very romantic and will never forget an important date. They often have awesome dreams of very successful futures. They don't like to make plans but will always get everything done and with extreme sexiness. Mauricios are generous and always helpful, they often are not aware of how appreciated they really are. Mauricios are amazing in everyway and are especially special when completed with a Diane.
"What do you think of that guy?"
" He reminds me of Mauricio, but not nearly as sexy."
"Yeah, that's the truth."
by MamaCupcake1124 April 12, 2009
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Mauricio is a brown boy with a dream. Always on his bag.
Juan is such a mauricio, you know he’s going to Harvard?”
by Clickclackpat October 17, 2018
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Someone who suddenly seems high or crazy at random times.
Dude, you just got all Mauricio for a minute.
by jomama666 January 16, 2007
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A GREAT cuddler and is very romantic...But sometimes can be self centerd. And isnt very humurous, he takes things seriously...
"Mauricio cuddle me!"
by lovetoeat November 15, 2011
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