A girl that can be rather clingy but if you make her mad she will kill you in your sleep.
Dude, what happened to your mom? I think Cath is a bad influence on her... dad's just never been the same since tehir last getaway.
by inyofacebiach March 19, 2009
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No. I didn't misspell cat, her name is actually Cath. God DAMN.
Cath, known for her famous enjoyment of papi's tacos. (no incestual sexual reference intended) She is a smart, pretty, over the top Badyal swag princess. She's got dem swag beanies. She's also some how known to have an OK booty... ALSO TIGHT FIT. AHEM..., Cath grew up on a ship with her father, the Scandinavian pop singer: Skadi, known for his one hit wonder of a song "Lo-Di-Do-Di, We love to Skadi" Cath was separated from her family at a young age, when her families ship was sunk after crashing into a rather obese mexican man, whom Cath came to know as "Papi" Cath was knocked off the ship, and Nathan became a pop-singer wonder in the city of Atlantis. Nuff said. Cath washed up on some island in who-knows-where. She then somehow became queen of the Orangutans... They're a type of monkey, I think. She then used her insane super think-think skills and built a nuclear bomb and destroyed Hiroshima... She was then adopted by people in Canada, land of Ice and Snow, Beers and Moose, Beavers and Syrup. She's now known as Cath Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo. And attends a secondary school in Richmond B.C. She is told to be a caring, swagtastical Jhinku-finding, smokin hawt gurl. All da boyz be like "Dam u r hawt" She just flips her hair like "I'm the queen of the orangutans bitches." If you are trying to top Cath's level of swagtasticness, prepare to work your ass off, this girl got it all.
Person 1: "Woah, who is the smokin' hawt gurl?!"
Person 2: "That's Cath!"
Person 1: "I'm going to go get her number yo"
Person 2: "NOT IF I GET IT FIRST."

This example resulted in a violent game of fisticuffs... Many people died.
by Professor Leeroy November 26, 2013
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