Someone who is always trying too hard to be funny and entertaining around people. They don't seem to know how to turn off their performer tendencies and be more relaxed and normal.
"John can get tiring to hang around. He's always on, and making jokes or doing impressions and trying to be the center of attention. I can't think of whether I've ever had a normal conversation with him or not."
by JCR1987 August 21, 2014
Another way of saying for ever.
Always = 24/7
For always = 24/6
I will. Always for always
by BBB16 April 29, 2021
I word that was given true meaning by JK Rowling in the legendary book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
'After all this time Severus?'
by Smush ♥ October 15, 2011
Implying huge emotional value.
This word is forever changed because of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.
"After all this tme?" Dumbledore

"Always." Snape

"Stay with me?" Katniss

"Always." Peeta

Hunger Games Harry Potter Peeta Mellark Severus Snape Lily Evans Katniss Everdeen
by ginnyweasleypotter17 September 24, 2011
Always: for a week (or less)

-Clearance Herron
Boy: I will always love you
Girl: really?
by Chyenne December 27, 2017
A powerful and useful word. A word that can potentially be wrong, but not all the time.

A word that can easily confuse people because how it's defined.
There are always exceptions.

I will always love you!?!?

jen-fu love exception
by Jen-Fu March 31, 2005
An exclamation of something good or positive. Something unexpected that should always happen in a perfect world.
"Joe went to Kim's house to get some ass last night. After he hit dat' she went and brought him some kicks."

"No shit? Always That!"
by MJizzle April 8, 2004