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1) Old and/or boring.

2) A word boring, uptight people use to describe themselves. People with this trait can be characterized as being quiet, alone, cynical, and generally unfunny.
1) Ad: (Stupid BS about meeting mature women, and uses the word mature)
2) "Be mature and act your age."
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The ability to deal with themes most would find offensive or anerving.
1. The ability to deal with a movie or painting in which nudity is shown(NOT porn) without laughing, feeling uncomfortable or making a dirty comment.

2. The ability to deal with swearing in an appropriate manner. IE. not swearing every four seconds when a swear word has no reason for being there. Also, the ability to not be shocked by a swear word, nor laugh or make a joke.

3. The ability to have a conversation about themes most would find offensive or anerving. Such as nudity in art (movies or pictures. NOT porn.) Or perhaps sex life (Most likely, a mature person is one who does not have a ridiculous amount of one night stands, but rather, has an intimate relationship with one person whom they deeply care for.) or education.

4. Those who can commit to one person are mature.

5. Those who don't see pregnancy as a curse or a trap are mature.

6. Those who are accepting of others who are different from themselves are mature.
by Teamotedesideroterequire December 10, 2010
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When you have outgrown the stage of drawing and naming lemons.
Dude, she was so mature that she no longer drew on lemons. She has to be the one.
by TheLemonizer February 04, 2011
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1.Content that is to be kept away from anyone under 18 at all costs.
2.In porn, pictures of nasty old ladies naked.
1.Rated M for mature because someone says "shit" and a person gets punched in front of a stripper bar in the background.
2.Tight young INTELLIGENT virgin pussies at . .sucker!
by Fatass February 12, 2003
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Elder people.

Function: noun (collective)

1. Elder people as described by pornographers or pornographic distributors. In the porno world, an elder person is likely > 28 years old. See also MILF.
Watch these amateur matures having an orgy!
by GeneralName October 30, 2006
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a word apparently meaning the same thing as immature, when used sarcastically.
"hey assface! haha"
"oh yeah, that's real mature..."
"thanks man"
by Hostile206 January 06, 2009
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