In the era of COVID and online dating, a scheduled rendezvous via video call for mutual self-pleasuring.
My boyfriend lives in Arizona, but we have a masturdate at least twice a week.
by Myriam Webster August 19, 2021
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Pleasuring yourself to one person for a period of time. The relationship could also be exclusive or non-exclusive.
Steve: Dude, you need to find a girl.

Mike: I'm in a relationship. I've been masturdating Jessica Alba for 6 weeks now.

Steve: Wow, it's getting pretty serious, huh?
by mr. marbles5 October 4, 2010
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Is taking yourself out on a very special date because you know you're going to be single forever. It is also a dating trend, so hop on it! ;)
John: Hey dude, what were you up to yesterday?

Lucas: Oh I was masturdating...

John: What!?

Lucas: No bro, you're so wrong, masturdating, there's a "d" their bro!

John: *shook*
by hoe- Heaven On Earth June 24, 2019
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(verb) a masturbatory relationship involving masturbating to only one porn star
I am masturdating Gianna Michaels
by BirdFeeder October 3, 2010
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A very good date, but you are all alone.
Had the greatest masturdate this weekend! I even "scored."
by Newton Orchid October 8, 2018
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To take care of ones self (emotionally & socially) by doing things alone. Taking yourself on a date.
All of my friends were busy with their day, so I masturdated with a shopping spree and a movie
by AugustLeo81 September 10, 2014
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Masturbating before a date so you don't think about sex the whole date. As seen in "There's Something About Mary."
Jim: Dude, are you ready for this double date with Crystal and Lisa?

Jack: Yeah. Just let me masturdate first. Lisa's so hot, I don't want to ruin this!
by Vinchenzonaughti March 4, 2008
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