Refers to the time frame in a long term relationship; most often after cohabitation has lasted over the one to two year mark, in which one or both parties begins to masturbate more than having sexual intercourse.
Peter: Maybe she’s just stressed out.

Mike: She says she’s too tired to have sex, but I found a ton of porn in her browser. Maybe I should masturdate too.
by Jizzandhers June 25, 2018
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A term synonymous with Skypesex, refers to a scheduled arrangement involving two ore more parties wherein mutual masturbation is conducted over a video chat session.
Because John was deployed to Afghanistan, he had to schedule a masturdate with his significant other in order to achieve self-satisfaction.
by MiscTiger May 28, 2013
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Going on a date with someone you know is going to give you a handjob, and you'll gladly give them one too.
"Yeah, I'm totally masturdating the guy from History."
"I'm going to the movies with her, it's totally going to be a masturdate."
by punksucks March 25, 2016
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modern version of foreplay; maturbation between mutual partners via webcam, usually accompanied by dirty talk via IM or phone
I met him through an online dating site, but have not met face-to-face yet...just did electronic masturdation.
by bigredone2010 February 24, 2010
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When a couple goes on a date and someone stalks them to masturbate to them.
"sally and billy went on a date so i went out to masturdate to them"
by Ash is Daddy May 5, 2016
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When you date yourself because you know what you like best.
No sir, I’m not alone; I’m masturdating”.
by Meowrific March 23, 2020
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The act of dating remotely during a pandemic, often characterized by self-gratification during online encounters.
Willie: Hey man, how's it going with Sally?
Johnny: Great, we've started masturdating. It's way better than online porn.
by Qbie March 25, 2020
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