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Martijn is a Dutch name, similar to the English name Martin, it's usually a person who's really cool and comes up with the most amazing ideas, which usually works out as well.
I just got a martijn-level idea man!
by beatdude October 08, 2009
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Martijn is a Dutch name given generally to females but can be used for males. In terms of personality, Martijn's are very cocky, they tend to think that they are superior in numerous aspects in life such as gaming, dating and studying. However, although initially Martijn might seem annoying, whey you get to know him, you will get used to his putrid funk and his unusual hair. His tendencies may seem shocking at the start but your best interests are what he is after. Martijn usually comes from a rich household so he will be able to lend you money at any time. Find yourself a friend like Martijn today, here at:
Eww, what is that horrible smell?!? Oh, Martijn must be here!
by i spoke england December 11, 2017
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Your average Blonde Haired, cocky dutch boy, way too tall. Lots of pride, and way to sarcastic for comfort. Get's jealous easily, because he isn't the cutest, so feels the need to protect the few girls he does get. Enjoys sending stars in text, instead of hearts because it's more "manly". Typically can be found in a group of three boys, as the leader. Always has a feisty girl sidekick and two semi-gay best guy friends. Aggressive eater of sandwiches. Total softy to his sisters, ready to whoop your ass though if you come at him.
If you eat a sandwich Martijn style, you'll lose alot of girlfriends you know!
by thatstotallybullshit October 21, 2018
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