person who generates numerous ideas but is unwilling/unable/too lazy to do any of the work to implement them.
Of course Kelley is not going to do the work, He's an Idea man!
by mike b. Luscious June 10, 2011
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A man, or woman, who can look at a situation or need from 'outside the box' and come up with an idea or multiple ideas to help placate that situation or need. These are people who are willing to take more than one or the traditional approach to solving something and can instead offer more than one suggestion.
Our idea man gave us a way to look at how to solve the parking problem on the job site that made it easier to manage.
by DarthDLux March 6, 2017
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A man of bigger sized brain. A man who Mr Nguyen trusts with his life-and more importantly his career-to come up with ideas for him.
I need my ideas man...... Hayden, can you give me some ideas!?
by MrMan4Life September 3, 2019
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