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A male who with a lot of lesbian friends.

See also dyke, fag hag.
John, being a well known dutch boy, doesn't get the harsh treatment most other men get at that dyke bar.
by Eli the Bearded December 09, 2003
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(Noun) A man who is really supremely nice and innocent. Usually someone's devoted, loving husband, who tells his wife how much he loves her every day (and means it). The type of guy who you would vote to be mayor, and know that he would actually be a good person in political office. There is nothing bad to say about this person, although people like to make a point to say how he's so freaking nice, as though it were a bad thing. You would assume his shit don't stank. Likely to marry a Canadian because they are also very nice people.
Emily: "Evan's going to be one of the judges at the lingerie show this Friday!"

Daphne: "Really? But he's such a Dutch boy."

Emily: "lol, I know, he'll definitely be the nicest judge. By the way, I'm seeing my family in Toronto soon."

canadian nice guy dutch sweet
by InTheKitchenCookingActualPies November 04, 2015
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To put a finger in someone's ass during sex with an incredible sense of urgency as if you were plugging a hole in a dyke.

Also known as The Plug.
Adam: Zoe sure does make a lot of noise. I could hear you guys in the living room.

Jeff: Yeah, I gave her the Dutch Boy.

Adam: Dude, on the first date?

Jeff: Yeah.

Adam: Dude.
by labelmonkey August 06, 2005
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a form of rodeo doggy-style. When riding the starfish, reach over the hip with one hand and hook her front junk while reaching forward with the other and hooking her mouth. With all orifices plugged, scream for help. Friends may or may not come in- but in her confused fight-or-flight reaction, hold on for as long as possible.
When I was giving Molly a dutch boy, Jamie took pictures. Molly hasn't called me since.
by Big Pauly Pizzle April 20, 2008
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The act of microwaving ones shit, and throwing it at someone.
Guy 1 - I'm going to microwave my shit and throw it at him!!!!!
Guy 2 - You mean your'e going to Dutchboy that faggot?
by LtMcnooby May 23, 2011
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a person from the dutch clan. he worships the TRUE dutch master NETO. and he will always know the difference bettwen dooly and doly. dooly is good and doly is bad.
oh my word!!! the dutch master is here i am a dutch boy and i am your follower.
by NETO!!! January 18, 2005
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