Clicker is commonly know as a fraudster, someone that uses stolen credits from the darkweb to buy expensive goods like Moncler, Gucci; any design brands and offer 50% off or a percentage off. Term clicker is mainly used in London to describe other fraudsters.
Daniel: Bro this Canada goose cost bare

Mark: Shout my man he’s a patterned Clicker
by Issa D1 January 10, 2021
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A mutation of the cordyceps fungi that turns people into zombies from one of the best games ever made,The Last of Us. BTW the clicker is an enemy you fight in that game.
1:"Have you played The Last of Us?"
2:"Yeah,the clickers are annoying and hard to kill."
by BZG May 3, 2020
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Derogatory name for a lesbian. Clicker = Carpet Licker
Sam: Whoa dude that girl is mega hot!

Johnny: Don't waste you time man, she is a clicker.
by diggydankbigdog December 16, 2010
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The old school American way to say "Remote Control"

Commonly used in American homes
Matt: Hey Oscar can you pass the clicker?
Lance: Matt your sooo American omg its called a remote
by lzar October 6, 2011
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n. 1. A person who clicks by web pages, especially casually or by chance.
2. Web surfer of sorts.
1. The information in my blog will most certainly add a wrinkle to some fortuitous clicker-by's brain.
2. The enormous boobs on that hot chick abruptly caught the attention of the innocent clicker-by.
3. The hacker created a web page where a careless clicker-by may unknowingly download a virus.
by The Shizphactory February 29, 2008
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