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Any band that is generic, corporate pop, often with autotuned 'singing' and music that sounds like it was written by a committee of following a survey of deaf teen girls' music preferences.
A: What's that shit on the radio?
B: I don't know, Maroon 5.
A: The band Maroon 5?
B: I don't know. Some sell-out bullshit 'music'! What's the difference what the current version is called, just change that shit!
by Whoโ€™Rโ€™You December 21, 2014
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They are a band. They used to be amazing, making songs like "Sunday Morning", "This Love", "She Will be Loved", and all of the other songs on their first album "Songs about Jane". Now they are shit, making songs like "Moves like Jagger".
*On my Ipod* Friend: What are you listening to?
Me: Maroon 5, back when they were good.
Friend: I don't know who they are, can I listen?
Me: Of course.
Friend: OMG they are awesome! What do they sound like now?
*Youtube, Moves like Jagger* Me: ...This...*Cry*
Friend: Oh god. Why.
by Fatninja May 22, 2012
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A band of the rock/indie/adult alternative/funk genre. Fronted by Adam Levine. Some of their best hits include 'This Love' and 'Sunday Morning'. Previously known as Karas Flowers.
Person 1: Have you heard Adam Levine's band recently?
Person 2: Yeah, Maroon 5 kick ass!
by Izzikins June 05, 2005
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A band that used to be fantastic.

Maroon 5 actually formed at the camp I used to go to (French Woods Festival) and released a phenomenal first album in Songs About Jane. It's hard to describe exactly how much that album means to me. It was one of my favorite CD's back when I was growing up, and I still love that album! It stands the test of time that well! The songs (with the exception of "Must Get Out" and "She Will Be Loved") were/are very well written both musically and lyrically. The sound on that album is basically like a mix of funk, alternative, and pop-rock. The result: one of the most unique albums of this generation.

However lately, they have been drifting further and further away from that classic sound I know and love to the point where I feel uncomfortable still referring to this band as "Maroon 5". Their songs have become really watered down and stripped from everything I liked about Songs About Jane. I've reached the conclusion that the band needs to break up so singer, Adam Levine can go solo and continue to go down this sell-out route himself. It's not like he NEEDS the name "Maroon 5" for recognition. For fuck's sake, he's the only guy anyone gives a shit about. And he's a judge on The Voice, so he's big enough of a celebrity on his own.
Maroon 5 today is basically an Adam Levine solo project. While I don't mind when "Moves Like Jagger" comes on the radio if by any chance I am even listening (it's actually pretty fuckin' catchy!), this isn't the Maroon 5 that I've been a fan of since elementary school- and am still a fan of to this date.

If you asked me what my favorite Maroon 5 song is, I would say "The Sun". The lyrics are wonderful, I like the tone, I like the beat, and I like whatever amp setting the guitar is played through. Unfortunately, we won't be hearing songs like that from them ever again unless they get their shit together. We'll just be stuck with songs like "Payphone" and "One More Night". Despite my feelings about what this band has done in recent years, nothing will affect my judgement of Songs About Jane, an album in consider to be a classic.

I miss early Maroon 5.
by shadesgordon January 23, 2013
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terrible band recording terrible music with terrible music videos with greasy grandmas and the lead singer boning some wriggly chick.
man, maroon 5 sucks dude
yes, yes they do
by hawkdude56 February 02, 2005
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A shockingly poor attempt at anything other than repetitive, unimaginative, bland noise. It can only appealing to that unfortunate bunch of O.C. and Dawson's Creek loving sub-humans.
Busted-esque is a compliment!
How Hollywood has ruined a generation!
Person 1: "Aren't Maroon 5 shit?"
Person 2: "Yes, good call."
by Spoon December 08, 2004
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The band that Lance Bass and George Micheal have erotic fantasies to. Words cannot describe how terrible this group is. They call themselves Funk, but sound more like downs-syndromed Reggae laced with mainstream Pop. Their fanbase consists of poor, helpless junior high school girls who don't have souls.
Maroon 5 make the Beach Boys look badass.
by Themanthatyoufear October 21, 2011
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