Usually a jewish kid with a very large penis, around 7 inches without a "hard-on", and gets all of the girls
1) Man that Levine has a big ass cock
2) MAn that Levine gets al the girls
by Maddi Kriegar June 26, 2009
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To eat an obscene amount of food.
"I ate two crave cases last night, I really pulled a Levine."
by Claude Hubert Blaume August 31, 2006
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1. (noun)A joining of two rolls of fat that creates a crease in the fat person's skin.

2. (verb) Lashing out at someone on the internet.
(n)When I stood up, I had a red line where my Levine was and it was kind of sweaty.

(v)All I said was that you should eat healthier and you Levined all over the internet.
by UGHHstuff April 10, 2009
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Someone with plastered with so many random ass tattoos that by all logic they should look trashy, but they’re so chiseled and hot it’s somehow classy.
Man, I’d totally get my right pec inked cherub but idk if I can pull off a Levine
by Bonehead September 8, 2021
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probably the coolest kick-ass jews on the planet. If you ever meet one consider yourself the luckiest person on earth. They are known to have extremely attractive features, with insanely amazing abilities. Chances are if they have blue eyes and brown hair, everyone wants to f*** them.
Holy crap, he must be a Levin, after what he did to all the playboy bunnies.
by Levinsta February 24, 2009
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outre; a state of enlightened subconsciousness
"Yeah, man, it's totally levin."
by J-Woo and T-Jo May 13, 2004
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A guy who looks at people and laughs because of how pathetic they are to him. Which makes sense because most folks have no balls to actually think around him. Also is great at sex...ohh the sex.
“Man, that guy just seems to care about what matters to him, fuck he must be a Levin.”
by Speak up idiot June 1, 2019
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