city in California, known for it's Arden-Arcade area. The city is quite large and is well known for being unusually spread out, walk two steps away from Coyle Ave. you are now in Citrus Heights, walk a block to Del Campo from Carmichael, you are now in Fair Oaks. To a person from Citrus Heights, Carmichael is hella days away, when it's only a 45 minute walk depending on how fast you are.

Carmichael gave the world that preppy Disney star Brenda Song.
V: Carmichael is hella days away
S: I know!
B: Dude, it's not that bad, it's only a 45 minute walk.
V: Did you hear something? It sounded like a smart-ass I don't wanna listen to right now.
by Brittney Sade July 26, 2008
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When your fucking a chick who has a boyfriend named Michael and you stuff tonka trucks up her ass.
I was fucking that chick dating Michael and I Carmichaeled her all night.
by JMak17 February 10, 2008
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Mary is a basic ass hooker on a site called "ROBLOX" she is a very slutty person and sleeps with every man she could sleep with.
Goran: Mary wanna fuck?
Mary Carmichael: *pulls off panties*
Goran: (^:
by Abloogough July 23, 2017
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G.O.A.T. of motocross. Most dominant racer in history. One bad ass dude.
Ricky Carmichael is the Greatest of all time.
by Blue Rider January 16, 2007
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Slang for cubic centimeters. A measurement commonly used to describe an engines total displacement or "size". Also used for metric volumetric measurements.
"Hey Derek, how may cuban carmichaels is that shit box truck of yours?"
"Oh eh it's about 2399 cuban carmichaels buddy!"
by Nick998 September 06, 2017
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