The act of fisting a girl when she's on her period.
Joe: My girlfriend's into fisting, but she's on the rag.

Brad: Dude, just maroon 5 her, it'll be great!
by TeamJacobFTW May 14, 2011
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Maroon 5 are so fuckin gorgeous and i luv em to death. I can listen to there cd ova and ova agen and neva get bored. they're so hot and their music is so meaningful. I saw them wen they came to adelaide and they totally rocked tha Thebby. i was so close i could taste the sweat coming off of Adam Levine.
There's only one thing to say about them "absolute hunks"
by K_J March 07, 2005
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New group that has lyrics about sexual situations. Latest album about lead singer's ex-girlfriend.
Person: Hey do you listen to Maroon 5?
Me: Yeah, they're good. But have you read their lyrics lately?
by army_azn January 11, 2005
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the gayest/crappiest band that it got rejected from queer eye for being too gay also damo angi loves them so he sucks balls
"holy shit that song sucks
"yeh dat was maroon5
"they nearly suck as bad as your grandnanny.
by george tony October 30, 2004
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A rock band that adds a "poppy" "swingish" feel to their music. And its got some funk to it. The band is popular for their music, not looks because the whole band is ugly. But they can really play some good music.
Wow I went to a maroon 5 concert and it was tight.
by Myra Mains August 16, 2004
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hot sizzlin' band. ohhhh! very delicous
i have a big crush on their lead vocalist. you're so hot baby boy! i know you like a bitch like me. i've seen your videos and some of the scenes are involve w/ sex. Oh! how delirious. i wanna fuck you! i'm very horny!!! ah! oh! eh! uh! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by bitchinnewyork November 19, 2004
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A man poking a female's ass with five fingers and kissing the girl on the lips.
A cute girl walked by a guy and the guy saw her ass and thought it was cute, so he poked it (i.e. a "Maroon 5") with his five fingers and kissed her.
by gizmo19961 July 02, 2009
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