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The band that Lance Bass and George Micheal have erotic fantasies to. Words cannot describe how terrible this group is. They call themselves Funk, but sound more like downs-syndromed Reggae laced with mainstream Pop. Their fanbase consists of poor, helpless junior high school girls who don't have souls.
Maroon 5 make the Beach Boys look badass.
by Themanthatyoufear October 21, 2011

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"A stalker's dream come true" and a misanthrope's worst fears confirmed a thousandfold. Thankfully there is one redeeming quality: more porn is plaguing the site than ever. Because the cynics responsible for the rules are beginning to realize signing a terms of service without reading it is not going to affect anyone's inclination to watch or upload fucking twerk videos.
If you scoured the entire timeline of every user to ever exist on Facebook, you could fit the posts that contain any intellectual merit on a single flash drive, and most of them would be mine.
by TheManThatYouFear April 01, 2014

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