Meaning a guy who has alot of hunnies
Dude, you are a loser. No I have all!
by Brittany October 2, 2003
If someone is said to have all the grapes, everything is going well for them and their life is a breeze, or something extraordinary or overly profound has happened to them.
I have an awesome girlfirend!
My job is going great, I just got a pay rise!
My grades have never looked better!
Our sports team is on a winning streak!
I have all the grapes!
by dahneeoh September 12, 2011
What you say to your partner to let them know they can enter the bank.
Commonly associated with dialing a wrong number and going to jail.
Fun for pranks!
Human 1: I have killed them all. You may enter.
Human 2: Wrong n-number..?
Human 1: ...
by CatBoiWillCri August 6, 2019
by virtue of my experience and knowledge, you don't have to take someone else's word for it. Trust me.
I don't want to see the New York Phil play another Beethoven symphony. I have played them all.
by LoyalTubist June 2, 2004
usually a term in gaming when you have killed all your enemies and call up your friends to tell them saying "i've killed them all" but dialed the wrong number and get the police called on you.
-hello? this is the johnson residence
-i have killed them all
-ummm.... *click*

also see: youtube;fluffy talks for better detail on story
by hismilu March 11, 2010