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They are a band. They used to be amazing, making songs like "Sunday Morning", "This Love", "She Will be Loved", and all of the other songs on their first album "Songs about Jane". Now they are shit, making songs like "Moves like Jagger".
*On my Ipod* Friend: What are you listening to?
Me: Maroon 5, back when they were good.
Friend: I don't know who they are, can I listen?
Me: Of course.
Friend: OMG they are awesome! What do they sound like now?
*Youtube, Moves like Jagger* Me: ...This...*Cry*
Friend: Oh god. Why.
by Fatninja May 22, 2012

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Filling a persons inny belly button full of semen
I pulled out and gave kristie a gene pool
by fatninja May 04, 2007

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