While Thomas was chatting to Andrew, he started bating.
by Werdan May 18, 2006
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The art of luring pedophiles to contact you on instant messenger under the illusion that you are a 12 year old girl. Then you fuck with them as unmercifully as possible. (source: Doug Stanhope)
Bating is the perfect thing to do on a saturday night
by Champdelachamp November 17, 2006
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To masturbate, have sex with yourself.
Yeah mayn, Im'a go home and bate it.
You noob, go bate it.
by stttttt October 11, 2007
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to get wasted on drugs and or alcohol.
Man was I ever bated last night at that party.
by Bated December 9, 2009
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To pleasure yourself sexually. Usually used in context of a joke.
Maybe you would've had more time if you weren't in the shower bating for an hour!
by McGarry June 18, 2009
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