The thread that holds the Simpson family together.
Marge Simpson's hair is several feet tall. She dyes it with Blue #56 dye.
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 17, 2003
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the TV mom whose hair is large.
"when you get a penny from a chum
don't just buy some bubble gum
put it in your cap! put it in your cap!
if you see a nickel in the snow
don't just blow it on a picture show
put it in your cap! put it in your cap!
if u spy a quarter in a pie...
by equine_attraction_00 June 27, 2004
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Age: 36
Height: 5'6" (Not counting the 3 Feet of hair)
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: Blue #56
Real Hair Color: Grey/Greyish (like Patty and Selma)
Fear: Of Flying
Three Favorite Things: Her Family, Cleaning, and Cooking
If Marge did keep the implants, and lowered her hair to make it long and silky, I'd call her a MILF too. (What about (Stacy's Mom?) Otherwise, Marge is too normal.
by G-Union February 24, 2004
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When a pipe or other smoking device is packed over capacity resembling Marge’s hair style.
“Let’s get superhigh.”

Okay, I’ll pack a Marge Simpson.”
by DanMazz November 15, 2011
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The only cartoon MILF I can think of.
Marge Simpson should have kept the implants.
by Devil October 3, 2003
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Stupid-ass bitch who has the worst voice ever, ruins almost every single Simpson episode, and basically is shit. All day long.
Marge Simpson, with the most raspy, shitty voice: "Homie, stop doing that entertaining and funny thing, and come here to be pussy-whipped, etc."
by Marge hater December 9, 2005
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