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Something hard that you must rub regularly to keep shiny. Wood can be found in lots of places, like in your son or daughter's bedroom. You can do many things with wood, like knock it, pound it or sit on it. People often enjoy using their wood, usually for productive activities or fun and entertainment.
I've got some hard wood, I'm gonna go upstairs and work on it.
by Devil November 29, 2003

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These days it is most oftenly used as an answer to a stupid question or when someone asks what someone or something unsightly is.
"Hey, what is that dirty thing down there?"
"That's yo momma."
by Devil August 18, 2003

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Whether you're referring to Yugi himself or his "puzzle spirit", he is a unique-looking character with what may be the strangest-looking hair in anime. Along with his red-tint frazzled hair with yellow stripes, he also wears his "Millenium Puzzle" around his neck, and his sense of fashion would suggest that he has a thing for bondage.
"Yugi, trust in the heart of the cards!"
"Shut up, grampa!"
by Devil August 18, 2003

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Something that serves no actual purpose, yet is there to make you feel big. Such as an object given to you for winning a game, or a woman.
"This is Barbara, my trophy wife. God, I hate her."
by Devil October 22, 2003

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The thing to get for that guy who always sat in class doodling on his paper(Like me). Usually hated by jealous nerds for being so laid back and mellow, without stress, headaches, or a care in the world(Although that is hardly the case, most of the time). I like to call this Frank Grimes Syndrome. As much as you may or may not want to believe it, a person with a GED has as much a chance of going to college as someone with a diploma.
I'm a cartoonist now.
by Devil February 01, 2004

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A very strange planet where the inhabitants are known to needlessly destroy themselves and their environment, as well as put on animal costumes and have sex with eachother for pleasure.
"Dude, steer clear of earth, that place is full of freaks."
by Devil October 14, 2003

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The only cartoon MILF I can think of.
Marge Simpson should have kept the implants.
by Devil October 03, 2003

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