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To state a categorical opinion, only to change your mind and state a completely different opinion on the same matter later on. Originally used to describe how ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe changed his mind during the #ZumaMustFall protests in South Africa. He was originally in support of Zuma resigning, but later voiced his undying support for the presidency.
Sarah used to love Justin Bieber, but she mantashed, she hates him now.
by TADPOOL August 22, 2017
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A verb meaning 'to change your mind abruptly'. Coined from a South African Politician "Gwede Mantash", who suddenly changed his political position within a weekend.
I was to divorce my wife but then I mantashed
by MH'_ April 13, 2017
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Born from South African politics.

1. To abruptly change your mind.
2. A sudden and unexpected change in thought or logic.

In politics.

2. To change your mind using a play on words in an attempt to get out of a corner one has placed themselves in.
3. To obfuscate the truth with statements that have little meaning, but contrary to a statement said the day/ week/month before. Often leaving reporters (and the public) mildly amused, puzzled but very disappointed and annoyed.
I was going to go for a run today but I mantashed and did weight training instead when I saw my crush in the weights section.
by Abstract Manner July 11, 2017
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