Verb used to describe the intentional act of making something virtually incomprehensible due to unnecessary complication.
Plausible deniability was attained when they obfuscated the truth by wrapping it within an enigma of lies.
by Raindanz May 02, 2007
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the action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible in order to deceive how someone may read something, similar to catfishing
Hacking obfuscation caused my computer to get a virus because I clicked on a link for instead of
by destinationnowhere September 11, 2018
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A dance move created by North Carolina band Between the Buried and Me. This involves closing one eye, and stepping to the side.
By the end of Mirrors, I was already ready to do the obfuscation.
by byzorko October 18, 2010
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To complicate or confuse. To make harder to understand or comprehend.

SYNM: Encode, Complicate, Encrypt
ATNM: Simplify
The password was obfuscated to make it difficult to be read.
by Valik's_Bitch April 05, 2007
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To cloud, confuse, or mislead by extensive use of initialisms (abbreviations using initial letters pronounced separately).
Jim's statement was ridiculous, all he did was practice obfuscation by initialism. "FYI, tell the CEO we will achieve incredible growth with our OEM by defining the SOP in SAP ECC and using sCRM."
by Urchingoat September 23, 2010
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An ironic statement that means avoid ambiguity and adopt clarity. It's ironic because it is hypocritical.
Instead of saying eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation, Mary just told us to avoid confusion and be clear.
by Alicat III November 04, 2009
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