The ANC is a terrorist organisation that finally came to power in 1994 following a brutal bombing campaign which killed an estimated 20,000 people (mostly civillians and black political opponents). It is now a troubled ruling political party, which has overseen an unprecedented decline in South Africa's ranking on the UN Human Development Index from a figure approaching European norms down to a level more commonly associated with other sub-Saharan nations.
The ANC is the ruling party in the Republic of South Africa.
by dudeinwales February 23, 2007
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Currently ANC stands for "Accumulation, Nepotism and Corruption" and it represents the 'legitimate' government fraud scheme in South Africa.
ANC originally stood for "African National Congress" which was once upon a time a political party in the Republic of South Africa. Although they are still the ruling party, they have morphed into a mafia-like criminal syndicate.
"Check out my Merc, Jeff." "Wow Jack, it's beautiful, how could you afford it?"
"My Daddy got me a job at the ANC." Jeff: "Cool man! Maybe he can organize something for me."
"For sure Jeff, he's super friendly and helpful. He's got many business opportunities from the government.
You don't need any qualifications. You can charge the government whatever you want! U know what I mean, we're talking megaBucks to be accumulated! Viva ANC !"

"Hey Pete, you're still a poor middle class bloke, you need to join the ANC and get LIT, like I did, you looser. :) :)"

"Hello Lina, what are you doing today?" Lina: "I'm going to do some ANC'ing, it's the most profitable pastime."

“Wow Petra, your company has grown so large!” “Yes Cindy, I partnered with the ANC.” Cindy: “Oh I see, ANC’ing is the NEW formula for success.”
Petra: “Yes Cindy, Well actually, ANC’ing started even before the “Sarafina II” incident in 1995. The R14.3 million musical sequel never hit the stage. The dosh disappeared & Nkosazana Zuma was protected & forgiven by Nelson Mandela. So it’s cool, it's A-Okay, & there will be NO CONSEQUENCES.” **
Cindy: “Wow, cool! Nothing immoral about that, skimming off some taxpayers money. Will you show me how to go about ANC’ing?”
Petra: “For sure Cindy, welcome to the family, we always look after each other…and especially, each others’ backs. :) :) :)"

** Reference: ' ...rot-began-with-sarafina '
by KenDunnit May 19, 2020
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The ruling political party of South Africa.

Founded on principles of equality and liberation, the regime drifted into terrorism for a number of years before democracy was achieved in the '90s.

Shown to be increasingly corrupt and incompetent. Under the party's rule education, the health system, national infrastructure, the economy, the police, employment, etc have all gone down the toilet. It is well-known that the party is run in the shadows by the rich Gupta family. President Jacob Zuma, the party's current leader, has faced multiple charges of corruption, rape, racketeering, etc.
The ANC are experts at self-enrichment at the expense of the people.

I don't think there's a single moral fibre within the ANC.

ANC = African National Circus, African National Clowns, cANCer
by JZ783 February 4, 2017
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Active Noise Cancelling, as a feature of headphones. A piece of technology in headphones or other gadgets that generates anti-noise to nullify or cancel out ambient sounds (mostly monotonous sounds i.e. humming) or noise from the surrounding.
I'm taking my ANC headphones with me on the airplane, so I can take a nap without being disturbed by its engine noise.
by Stromboli592 October 24, 2019
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African national Congress, a terrorist organisation working in coalition with Fidel Castro, and headed by nelson mandela. The aim was to end apartheid and institutionalised racism in south africa and neighbours. Unliek most terrorist organisations, they intended to kill as FEW people as possible and instead destroy government offices whilst unoccupied. Also, when thier goals were achieved they threw thier weapons into the sea and lived in peace.
The ANC were probably the only terrorist organisation of recent years that could claim to be Freedom fighters
by Gumba Gumba May 26, 2004
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Absolutely No Contact (or communication): a policy of attempting to make zero contact (or communication) with a specific person or group, also ignoring any attempts at contact (or communication) from said person or group.
When the couple went through a nasty break up, they adoped a policy of ANC
by leonhart1516 August 4, 2009
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All News Channel

A very unusual news channel, it may be obsolete right now. the most widely watched news channels like CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News.
ANC has a better theme song and more news than the most widely watched news channels like CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News, IMO.
by frodaddy July 27, 2005
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