1 : a personal religious teacher and spiritual guide in Hinduism
2 a : a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern
b : one who is an acknowledged leader or chief proponent c : a person with knowledge or expertise
No example for the word 'guru' is available today.
by Beavis111 April 14, 2006
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The Teacher

Guru is a learned man, He shares his knowledge and enlighten all ignorant and works for the mass uplifting of the society by imparting knowledge.
Sree Narayana Guru worked for the uplifting of the downtrodden.
Guru Nanak.
by Sarath R January 30, 2006
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One dope ass rapper- Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal......also a member of the duo Gangsarr (with Dj Premiere)
Guru quote:
.....Face bruised and battered/ eyes reflect agony of dreams dat wuz shattered......
Jazzmatazz vol. III.ft the roots.trk 7.
by Endo Allah( Nnaemeka Ajoku) December 9, 2003
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A spiritual healer.
One who helps others in need with out reward because he is above that.
by Sensible December 11, 2003
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somebody who is supposed to be an expert on something.
Why do you read advice columns, horoscopes and whatever the fashion gurus and motivational speakers say? You don't need these gurus to govern your life or your point of view. Just be yourself. What do you see? Just be nobody but YOU.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice November 13, 2007
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Gifted Unlimited Ruler Universal, one half of the rap duo Gangstarr (fka Keithy E & aka Baldhead Slick).
"But I can see through you/'cause I'm the GURU" - Take It Personal ("Daily Operation" - Gangstarr, 1992)
by Sifu September 26, 2003
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