In men, suggestive that you are well-endowed; in women, suggestive that you are Paris Hilton.
She is embarrassed of her big feet.
by majestic-cheese August 21, 2009
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big feet means big socks
"dude, Anthony has big feet he must have massive socks"
by famjugfiafjpoihg November 19, 2017
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if you have big feet, it usually means you have a big penis.
"Dude! Jill said I had huge shoes yesterdsay! Fuck man, I wasn't paying attention to that biatch, there goes a tap"
by r5a September 10, 2004
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i have small big feet
by max March 23, 2004
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The act of posting predominently BBC News website links into Discussion Forum threads in the vain hope of trying to look interesting.
Big Feeting sadsack
by El Splod July 8, 2009
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Big feet mean u have a big dick/ u pull no bitches either
I have big a big dick cuz of my big feet
by Snackychanny April 25, 2022
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girls with big feet are a fun loving, happy go lucky minority. Just because of our enlarged size of feet doesn't mean we can't have fun, if anything, we can have more fun due to being able to run a greater surface area away from the police than a girl with small feet. Bigger feet is just natural selections advantages, the bigger the feet the bigger the beak as Darwin once said
Holly: "you know what they say about girls with big feet "

Chad: "nah dude, what do they say?"

Holly: "you already know"
by Jabba The Hutton December 29, 2016
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