disordered in intellect n. insanity, dementia, dillusional, instability of mind, frenzy, psychosis.
by Joe January 21, 2004
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1. Very, extremely. (adverb)
2. A large amount of, a lot of, a great amount.
1. The line is madd long.
2. I know madd people who live there.
by LinZ July 27, 2004
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The best friend you could ever have. Someone who is loyal and helpful and a little to caring of others.

Can also be a bitch but only when she needs too.
She is my "Madde"

She is so "Madde"

She "Madde's to much"
by Bosley03 July 10, 2017
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An Acronym once used to describe a band of dissidently angry wenches (aka mothers) who have never fully enjoyed the art that is drunk driving and condemn it, but in this context (the only context that matters) is used to describe the satisfying bowel movement that occurs in the morning after a night of excessive alcohol consumption.
or M.A.D.D. = Morning After Drinking Dump
"Man those mai tais mixed with that natty ice produced the MADD of a lifetime, I think I broke your toilet".
by Da Boy April 1, 2008
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Mothers Against Dudes Driving has recently attempted to pass a law prohibiting anyone from driving who isnt 70, cynial, and experiencing menopause. Who the hell are old women to tell us how to drive when they arent tall enough to see over the steering wheel. I have yet to see more than the knuckles of a MADD member when they are behind/underneath the steering wheel.
MADD should be in the kitchen.
by Pilf Snoisses March 4, 2005
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Also known as the "Mothers Against the Bill of Rights". While their cause is one which cannot be argued against, their Machiavellian tactics are unconstitutional and often pointless
They clearly want to eliminate our Fourth Amendment Right to protection from illegal search and seizure with their checkpoints, and lowering the legal blood alcohol will do absolutely nothing to lessen the number of drunk driving deaths
by Dillon Farnum February 4, 2005
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The single most amazing and retardedly short person in existence. Her size has been estimated from 2-5 feet, we're not quite sure. She has many nicknames, from Madsters, to Mad Cow Disease, to Lenny. Known to use lame phrases such as 'cool beans' 'awesome sauce' and 'DAYUM'. Has a slight eyebrow twitch when irritated and is claimed to be 'vertically challenged'. Will pound you with her tiny fists or aim skilled karate chops at your face if you piss her off. She is the owner of a round, delicious badonkadonk, or ghetto bootay. Many people claim she is crazy, but really, they just can't handle her extreme level of awesomeness. Throws tic tacs back like they're goin' out of style. Her size has been estimated from 2-5 feet, we're not quite sure.
Hey madds, how's the weather down there?
That madds is one kick-ass midget!
by Fight for midget rights. February 3, 2009
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