SA State of Mind achieved when someone has stepped over the edge of Extream Sanity (Geninus) or fallen over the edge of extream insanity (Lunactic).
Paul Cardinal is said to be an embodiment of Lunacy, he has fallen over the edge of insanity and been visited by men in white coats; he also has been given an award for his achivements in academics, its hard to justify his true state of mind, so the Courts just said Lunacy.
by The Man without a Purpose March 18, 2009
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The 2009 Challenge for the FIRST Robotics Competition. A game that isn't only named for the surface that is supposed to represent the friction or lack there of on the moon but also because of the craziness that is going to ensue because of the hectic throwing of moon rocks and robotics with the anti-traction wheels and trailers.
This year's challenge is Lunacy... it's really gonna be Lunacy come competition time.
by BuilderGirl2009 January 5, 2009
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Generally relates to an obsurdly confusing situation one may find themselves in; often shocking, offensive, and in poor taste. Having little or nothing to do with decency. Pertains strongly to the inquiry of, "What the fuck were you thinking?!"
After walking in on your girlfriend hooking up with someone else:

"What the fuck is going on here?! This is lunacy!"
by googoo October 25, 2004
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A slightly more musical way of saying "insanity". It was once an accepted medical term, but like "retarded" and "dwarf" it has fallen by the wayside. The word derives from the belief that mental illness is somehow related to the phases of the moon, a conviction widely held until it was debunked by the advent of modern medicine.
"I shall have to invent a new form of lunacy for you." Dr. Seward to Renfield, Bram Stoker's Dracula
by Allison1690 September 17, 2006
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Something so unsustainably absurd, something that defies basic logic and all common sense. Something so up in orbit that it breathes air on Pluto.

This could be a persons actions, idea, thoughts, political ideology -- an event or something you've seen unfold in person or through the internet and word of mouth.
1. Did you see senile Joe Biden's state of the union the other night? If you didn't you didn't miss much, it was pandemonium lunacy.

2. The average intelligence of the general population is so critically low due to Indoctrination that society has become a heightened state of pandemonium lunacy.
by F-Face Kat February 9, 2023
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Hey, sometimes the lunacy is imposed, isn't it Dick?

Hym "Here it is guys. Today is the day. IIIIIT'S TIME! For the list of THE MOST acceptable reasons to commit spree killings (Don't actually commit spree killings)!!!

Starting off with #10: To participate in a 'Holy War.' It wouldn't be much of a 'Holy War' if nobody died and you can fix that. Manually.

Next off is #9: I've said it before and I'll say it again, 'General Lunacy.' You're a crazy person. That's not a moral statement. Ya just ARE. So, you gotta do what crazy people do. Because the alternative is what? Exactly.

#8: Your arch-rival (Or someone you don't like) really doesn't like it. I.e. SPITE. If that is a good enough reason to impose schizophrenia on someone it's a good enough reason to kill. Maybe you're like a Joker type. Batman doesn't like spree killings. Fuck him. Do it anyway.

This one's fun. Next up is #7: Genuine supernatural intervention. Like the black mirror episode! If a demon or something comes up to you and tells you to kill? Probably just kill. He's magic. He probably knows best. And if you DON'T do it... Well... He's probably going to do weird demons shit to you. And you don't want that.

Here we have my person favorite #6: Imposed/Weaponized Schizophrenia! You're not crazy. People ARE watching you. They know what they're doing and they're only doing it because they think you're not going to murder their kids over it. So, prove the haters wrong. With violence. 100% of the time.
Next is #5: To save people from twisted death tournament. Like Alice in Borderland. That shit was metal. 'It's the only way I knew how to save you...' Metal. Awesome reason to kill everybody. Very sad. Tragic even.

#4: Children of the corn type scenario. Let just be honest. Yeah, they're kids. BUT they're evil. They WILL sacrifice you to Corn Jesus. That's a fact! So you need to kill them harder. Kill them for Real Jesus. Or me! Intersectional Jesus. Prove that your version a Jesus is better than their version of Jesus... With murder...

We're down to the top 3 so let's hear it for #3: The Government. The government loves killing and it loves people who love to kill but the government is mostly old and feeble people. THEY can't kill very hard. So they want YOU! To kill for them. Probably for money. You need money. And the government is LITERALLY making you do it. Not your fault. And it doesn't count as 'Lunacy' for some reason."
by Hym Iam September 13, 2023
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