Ben "Yo that dude flexing hard on my broke ass with those airpods"

Mike "Nah that nigga ain't got a MacBook - he ain't shit"
by Deaanooo February 10, 2019
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A ''computer'' made by Apple that serves no other purpose than the use of Social Media.
Fred: ''Dude, I need to check my Facebook''
Tom: ''Here, use this Macbook my parents got me, it's the only thing I use this $1000 piece of shit for''
Fred: ''Are you sure your parents are okay with you lending that thing to people?''
Tom: ''I don't fucking care, they didn't get me the white one, which I fucking asked for''
by I'mIronMan June 10, 2015
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Macbooks are laptops built and sold by Apple. They have very limited resources, are incapable of running software, and are priced at about...oh...your first born child. Lots of 'shiny' effects, bells and whistles decorate the mac OS. The good news is they look cool. The bad news is that it doubles the cost of the laptop.

See, when you buy a Mac, you're not just buying a computer. You're buying an IMAGE. A Personality. Something THAT WILL SHOW THE WORLD HOW AWESOME YOU ARE.

It's interesting to notice the laptop types when moving from major to major in a university. For example, in the Computer Science department, about half the people use Linux, half use Windows. In the Engineering and Math departments, about a fourth use Linux, and 3 quarters use Windows. In the Geology department (see Rocks for Jocks) Macs are predominant, with a slight sprinkling of Windows thrown in. In Business (Douchology) and the Liberal Arts (sponsored by your local Feminazi chapter!) classes I've taken, I've yet to see a single non-Apple product.

So, as you can clearly see, the amount of Macs bought by a population sample is inversely proportional to that sample's knowledge of computers and technology.
Macbooks are like Linux, without the free.

Business Major: Brah I bought a Mac! I'm gonna get so wasted with it! and then have sex with it!
Liberal Arts Major: Ohhhh, that is, like, soooo cool. I, like, got a Mac too. It cost three times as much as a Windows computer, but isn't it, like, so preeeettty??
by paddywhacker8 January 28, 2011
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Something worse than a pc and sucks for gaming, its less powerful than wii u and only for stupid people
Macbook sucks for gaming- Ted
by HelloMynameisnanya March 18, 2021
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A computer made for petty girls and gay guys.
Girl: OMG Like OMG I like totality got a new Macbook.
Gay gay: OMG I got my new mac book, now ima go to Starbucks and get a frappe chino

me: Slaps face "im just gonna stick with my asus..."
by rap music is shit July 26, 2019
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A sleek, modern, and powerful piece of technology. Sometimes it's so reliable, you forget how awesome it is.
Yeah, I'll bring my Macbook and we'll work on it then.
by gammyjammy November 20, 2014
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Made by Apple. It is two metal sheets slapped together with a Pringle for a CPU. The main objective Apple makes when developing a new one is making it thinner instead of more powerful.
Girl: Hey guys OMG I have a MacBook!
Guy: Friggin noob. My Razer Blade is cheaper and faster than your tinfoil MacBook.
*COD 1v1*
Girl: *loses from 1 fps gameplay* Macs are for video editing, not gaming
*Both people make the same video and render it*
Girl: *Renders vid 20 minutes after the Guy finishes*
Guy: Mac suclks. Get a Blade or an ROG, friggin Mac peasant
by xX_LordGaben69_Xx March 14, 2019
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