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A computer made for petty girls and gay guys.
Girl: OMG Like OMG I like totality got a new Macbook.
Gay gay: OMG I got my new mac book, now ima go to Starbucks and get a frappe chino

me: Slaps face "im just gonna stick with my asus..."
by rap music is shit July 25, 2019
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Something that does not exsist.
Guy: Hey man. have you seen A Normal Person yet?
Me: Nah man.
Guy: Me neither. wanna go watch a movie?
Me: im down.
by rap music is shit July 25, 2019
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Basically your normal thunderstorm but on crack. These are the kind of thunderstorms that create A LOT of lightning due to more negitive, and positive charges in the air. The thunder in these storms are also very loud, so loud it will scare the shit out of you every time it thunders. If a Lightning bolt were to hit your house, anything not plugged into a surge protector would be fucked.
*Idiot dude standing outside while there is a gigantic storm over his head*
Me: * You idiot! Thats an Electrical Storm. Get your ass inside now!*
Idiot Dude *whuua-* Lightning comes down and kills his ass.
Me *Welp, I tried.*
by rap music is shit April 28, 2020
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What retards have before smashing there dicks on a pole.
Retard: BrO WATch ThIS SiCC TrICC
Me: Dude your going to hurt yourself.

Retard: nO Im NOwT. WatCh DiS AiR TiME. (Jumps and then smashes his dick on a pole) OOF
Me: Tsk. Idiot.
by rap music is shit July 26, 2019
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A Genre of music that has been going on for many years now and is still growing. Personally my favorite genre of music.
(This actually happened to me at school)
Person one: Hey man. Ima listen to this sick Trance track from the 90s. wanna join?
Me: Awww hell yah man! this shit is the best!
Big ass crowd of people over hearing the music: What is that song? it sounds good.
Me: its a trance track from the 90s.

Crowd: Trance? AWE HELL YA MAN!
by rap music is shit July 25, 2019
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To turn up the volume or to increase the amount of bass in a song
Dj: Pumps out a good song at a rave
Me: turn up the bass!!!
Dj Hears and increases the bass
by rap music is shit July 26, 2019
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