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Online networks where both adolescents and young adults go to express one of two statements:

1) "I'm complaining about my boring, shitty life." Used as an alternative to actually making life interesting.

2) "Look how superior my boring, shitty life is to your boring, shitty life" Used to passively belittle the only 250 people the individual knows.

Also used by middle aged adults mostly to post pictures of cats.

Popular websites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Person 1: "I'm insecure about my life so I will post a picture on the social media site Facebook, of me having a great time. Although, most of that time was pretty shitty."
Person 2: *sees picture* "Wow, my life is pretty shitty compared to theirs."

Person 3: "I hate my job because I'm uneducated and nobody ever taught me how to work hard. I think I will tweet about it on the social media site Twitter, so maybe people will pity me."

Person 2: *reads tweet* "At least my life isn't that shitty."
by I Hate my Generation December 16, 2013
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The center of all thirsty teenagers and single 40 year olds who disappointed their mothers.
Danny: "Hey, do you have any social media?"
Max: "Hell no. Bitches be thirsty."
by blakecarpen209 April 10, 2015
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The newest disease on planet Earth, of which is a Pandemic.
Social Media has taken the lives of many, sadly
by henh? November 11, 2018
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Your electronic Second Life.
Can be best described using examples:
Social Media can be best discribed as:

Facebook-I like doughnuts

Twitter-I'm eating #doughnuts

Instagram-Here is a polaroid-esce photo of doughnuts

Foursquare-This is where I eat doughnuts

Youtube-Here I am eating doughnuts

Myspace-Meet the Up-and-coming band, 'doghnuts'

Linkedin-My skills include doughnut eating

Pinterest-Here is a recipe for doughnuts

Last FM-Now listening to 'doughnuts'

Friendster-Lets play the game 'doughnuts'

eHarmony-Review: David Doughnuts, round, sweet

personality, loves Krispy Kreme

Formspring-What do you like about doughnuts?

Rate My Easiness: 5/5 Clarity: 5/5. OMG Mr Doughnut is sooo LOLs.

Zoosk-Can you see the doughnut?...hehehehe...

G+-I'm a google employee who eats doughnuts

tumblr-Explore tags: Fuckyeah! Doughnuts! is 'The Perfect Doughnut'?

Badoo- buñuelo, دونات, beignet, donut, doughnut

Bebo-'The doughnuts here will never be as good as the ones on Facebook.'

*@Joe Public
In the Uk doughnuts are spelt this way.
In the US donuts are spelt this way.
by Urban Dictionary is not one February 06, 2012
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Social Media is a generalization to many device software that connects users via the internet. In many instances these include posting, tagging, etc. As well as a connection between people, it doubles as a popularity scheme. Many people can achieve and/or obtain more fame and fortune via social media through awareness and recognition. As well as larger "idols" on these platforms, others in small communities and/or groups can also compare numbers and counts of popularity via "followers" that may change the perception of a certain person. Either putting them on a high pedestal or ruining their social life (leads to this in many cases due to irreverence and the lack of understanding of how to not be a narcissist). Apart from communication and popularity social media doesn't have much. Although to sharpen these two aspects of these software, you must spend long amounts or be sucked into spending long amounts of time on it. This is shown through newer generations, always caring about their self-image, correlating it with self-worth. Concluding this, Social Media and all that regarding of, is a pure waste of time, time that could be spent sharpening skills required more then being popular in life.
I spent 15 hours on Social Media and now I feel like garbage.
by SANESSSS February 13, 2019
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1. A place where people should be accepted the way they are instead of being told they aren't good enough indirectly by pages that favor nice butts and thin waists.

2. Apps that are designed to bring people together and bond, but do the exact opposite.
I was scrolling thru social media yesterday, this page convinced me to pop some pills and starve myself so i can be featured on their page.
by MyaJDoe April 02, 2017
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Truly an awful place. Never before could you see how much of a stupid dopamine addicted attention whore the people you thought were cool are. All SNSs are awful in their own way but naturally the awful people their SNS is known for will argue with you about how the others are worse.
Twitter: A social media site where all the people you thought were reasonable can gather to share their stupidity and smear it onto your face.
Reddit: A social media site where all the people you thought were funny can gather to share their belief in how smart they are and smear it onto your face.
4chan: A social media site where all the people you thought were just weird can gather to share their smarts but more importantly, use them to be idiotic creeps.
Instagram: A social media app where all the people you thought were shallow airheads can gather to share they are, indeed, shallow airheads.
Discord: A social media site where all the people you thought were cool can gather to share their desperation for social contact (see e-dater) and lack of good things, or anything at all, to do. Or just be pedophiles.
Tumblr: A social media site where all the people you think are annoying can gather to regurgitate each others' thoughts and confirm how annoying they are.
Facebook: Idek anymore.
by QueenMaxine March 12, 2019
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