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Online networks where both adolescents and young adults go to express one of two statements:

1) "I'm complaining about my boring, shitty life." Used as an alternative to actually making life interesting.

2) "Look how superior my boring, shitty life is to your boring, shitty life" Used to passively belittle the only 250 people the individual knows.

Also used by middle aged adults mostly to post pictures of cats.

Popular websites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Person 1: "I'm insecure about my life so I will post a picture on the social media site Facebook, of me having a great time. Although, most of that time was pretty shitty."
Person 2: *sees picture* "Wow, my life is pretty shitty compared to theirs."

Person 3: "I hate my job because I'm uneducated and nobody ever taught me how to work hard. I think I will tweet about it on the social media site Twitter, so maybe people will pity me."

Person 2: *reads tweet* "At least my life isn't that shitty."
by I Hate my Generation December 16, 2013
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The center of all thirsty teenagers and single 40 year olds who disappointed their mothers.
Danny: "Hey, do you have any social media?"
Max: "Hell no. Bitches be thirsty."
by blakecarpen209 April 10, 2015
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1. A place where people should be accepted the way they are instead of being told they aren't good enough indirectly by pages that favor nice butts and thin waists.

2. Apps that are designed to bring people together and bond, but do the exact opposite.
I was scrolling thru social media yesterday, this page convinced me to pop some pills and starve myself so i can be featured on their page.
by MyaJDoe April 02, 2017
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Your electronic Second Life.
Can be best described using examples:
Social Media can be best discribed as:

Facebook-I like doughnuts

Twitter-I'm eating #doughnuts

Instagram-Here is a polaroid-esce photo of doughnuts

Foursquare-This is where I eat doughnuts

Youtube-Here I am eating doughnuts

Myspace-Meet the Up-and-coming band, 'doghnuts'

Linkedin-My skills include doughnut eating

Pinterest-Here is a recipe for doughnuts

Last FM-Now listening to 'doughnuts'

Friendster-Lets play the game 'doughnuts'

eHarmony-Review: David Doughnuts, round, sweet

personality, loves Krispy Kreme

Formspring-What do you like about doughnuts?

Rate My Easiness: 5/5 Clarity: 5/5. OMG Mr Doughnut is sooo LOLs.

Zoosk-Can you see the doughnut?...hehehehe...

G+-I'm a google employee who eats doughnuts

tumblr-Explore tags: Fuckyeah! Doughnuts! is 'The Perfect Doughnut'?

Badoo- buñuelo, دونات, beignet, donut, doughnut

Bebo-'The doughnuts here will never be as good as the ones on Facebook.'

*@Joe Public
In the Uk doughnuts are spelt this way.
In the US donuts are spelt this way.
by Urban Dictionary is not one February 06, 2012
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Social media began with America Online and AOL instant messenger in the late 1990s, as reflected in the movie "You've Got Mail." One of the earliest trends of social media was through "sharing" music through Napster, which catalyzed the creation of iTunes for digital downloads and ultimately towards streaming through sites like Netflix and Hulu. Yet, the term "social media," was not common until the trends of MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter--partly catalyzed by the iPhone and App Store; and the decline of newspapers in 2008, at which point, people more commonly consumed information through sites like Wikipedia, Yelp, Yahoo Answers, and The Bleacher Report. Likely as an act of surrender by the anti-internet forces of the media, Hollywood gave an identity to the story of social media in 2010 with the film "The Social Network," which depicted the connection between Napster and Facebook.
Before 2008, the term social media was not widely used because the mainstream media was still attempting to marginalize the influence of non-celebrities, politicians, or media professionals to the public discourse and cultural trends because social media was a chance for people to speak for themselves rather than be defined and analyzed with data that is ascribed to arbitrarily created groups. The term social media started to be used by the mainstream media because many outlets of traditional media were going bankrupt in 2008, while the content of blogs was either usurping newspapers with review sites like RottenTomatoes and Yelp or showing promise through sports blogging sites like The Bleacher Report. In 2013, whistle-blower Ed Snowden gave credence to all the conspiracy theorists of the Internet by exposing the NSA's illegal spying program, which had iterated through different forms since the 1990s, and in doing so, Snowden destroyed the faith that the public had once had in the mainstream media, which had long ignored such claims of invasions of privacy by the government. As a result, the mainstream media has reaped what they sowed because of the public's willingness to accept fake news on face value rather than take the word of someone that has specialized in providing quality information to the public.
by Rosebud1776 February 23, 2017
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participatory online media that utilizes the group to write and direct content, rather than a read-only media. Allows for direct contact between participants.
Listservs were early examples of social media and are still used by millions, but more rapid response forms like Twitter and Second Life have become popular as laptops have gotten cheaper.
by Pheline January 31, 2008
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