When a biracial person lovingly refers to which parent is cacasian, if indeed, one parent Is.
When I was eight years old, my mom made me watch Roots....and my mom is the white one! lol
by talk2me-JCH2 April 24, 2021
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When you have that much cannabis that you are close to/are throwing up and is extremely high.

Can also be used for genders, such as:
"he went on a white boy", "she went on a white girl".
Connor blazed so many bongs that he went on a white one
by Th3 0v3rse3r September 5, 2020
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Guy: Your mum's so fit, I just want to pop a white one over her
by The Minge Marauder July 12, 2013
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Goalie for the Boston Bruins. As a top prospect, Tim Thomas was drafted 217th overall in the 1994 entry draft by some team that moved to Colorado. After being drafted, he decided to backpack around Europe for 8 years. Upon his return to the states, he promptly joined with the Providence Bruins of the AHL. After 3 seasons with them, he finally got a job with the Boston Bruins. For 2 seasons he sucked and was outplayed by such stars as Alex Auld and Joey MacDonald. However, he soon found his stride behind a the defensive system of coach Claude Julien. Kicked ass for 2 years, then sucked again and lost the starting job to Tuukka Rask aka Tuukk Nuukkem.
Who was that one goalie that won the Vezina and then lost his starting job the next season? No, not Jim Carey, it was Tim Thomas (the white one that plays hockey).

Tim Thomas (the white one that plays hockey) and Chris Osgood could totally be brothers.
by JFinney08 May 26, 2010
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a phrase that defines the vessel first built and designed to successful use by Sir Thomas Crapper, on Royal warrant to King Edward the incontinent. However, as a fan of royal bowel movements, he devoted too much time to their study and failed to patent said recepticle, and thus lost out on millions in licensing. Usually found in places of civility (IE anywhere but China), and greatly appreciated when life is absent of them. Hard, circular to fit the general size of buttock but not the aim of many sexually incompetant men, who if they cannot find mark in a large round hole, says something about any potential skill with a small one. Usually white to emphasise the colour your bowels can only hope to live up to compared to royalty.
First used on "Fairy Odd Parents" on Nickelodeon, by Jorgon Von Strangle
Person One: That was some awesome curry buffet,..

Person Two: Yeah,.. ohh my guts ,. Hold up,.. I gotta go file a report with the great white round one.
by StevoHK April 15, 2008
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The words of a tramp called Nikki
“You kill sound like one white girl ahlie” - use when ugly and insecure
by yubo group November 22, 2022
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