Frame rate most people expect to while playing steam games in windoze.
Youtuber: (playing Prison Architect or other steam game at 120fps full 4K)
Commenter 1: Wtf how does he do that i can barely stand 30 fps?
Me: WTF how does he do that i always play at 1 FPS
by FranchuFranchu October 14, 2018
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See also Type 2 FPS.

Type 1 Fat Person Syndrome (FPS)

A person that insists he or she perpetually exercises and eats diet food, but is obviously cheating. Thinks and acts like a skinny person and judges others, but is overweight.
Cindy: "I couldn't possibly have a slice of Gerald's birthday cake. I just don't get hungry after I work out. Do you realise how many calories are in that? So fatty."

Amanda to another co-worker: "Don't worry about Cindy. She has Type 1 FPS".
by Viva St Claire September 5, 2013
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