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Massage Parlour Attendant. One who gives you a happy ending.
I was at this Asian MP last night and the MPA there gave me a horrid HJ, her hands were like sand paper. Good thing I only paid $30.

I went to this place in Chinatown for a quick release from an MPA and the place got busted. I was charged with being in a bawdy house and given a fine of $500.
by eMM December 14, 2012
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Music Publisher's Association. they are the pricks who are shutting down all these guitar, bass, and drum tab sites because apparently, "reading tabs online is like stealing sheet music from a store". they are doing almost the same thing as the riaa. they have already shut down the MXtabs site, tab world, and a lot of similar sites.
"Man, I feel less inspired on my drums because those fags at the MPA shut down all the good tab sites. Now my life is so empty."
by slayer77 December 24, 2006
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Greedist people who ever walked the earth (next to 15th-19th century Europeans). These people sue people for their money "in the name of art". I mean, bitchin about illegal download is reasonable, but taking away drum, guitar, and bass tabs and chasing every emcee who don't "clear" samples with them is too much. Fuck this bullshit. Let art be art, for God's sake.
Rocker- "I wanted jam to my favorite songs, but those bastards in the MPA make tablature illegal."

Emcee- "Shit. MPA is all over me from taking a sample and not clearing it with them. Fuck..."

Normal person who doesn't
see music as art- "What's wrong with the MPA?"
by That one fool... June 01, 2007
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Most People Are Stupid. A generic answer to most questions about why the world is messed up.
Q: why the hell did bush ever get elected?
by mrTrex July 26, 2007
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MPA stands for myproana a site that despite claiming not to be pro or support/encourage people with eating disorders does all of those things. The site offers tips and helps to create a community platform for those who wish to further their eating disorders.
I logged onto MPA last night to get some thinspo.
by littlealwaysplease June 17, 2018
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Master of Pussy Administration - A title bestowed upon a gentleman with remarkable skills in the seduction of women.
Mark scored with Kaylen on Thursday, Tiffany on Friday, and both Lauren and Briana on Saturday. Looks like he's earned his MPA
by theMPA September 20, 2016
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