The name Briana means strength. Briana's do not even know that they are beautiful, that is also why they don't have to wear makeup. Totally awesome, very random, adventurous, smart yet uber gullible at times. They have fiery personalities and more importantly fabulously fantastic music tastes. Can be hard on the outside, but beauty and love are under that. Intelligent, talented, kind, very giving, outgoing girls who love to smile, and that smile attracts heaps of guys. Brianas are suckers for love and fall in love easy. They like all junk food especially cookies and cake. They are great friends who love their friends back. They are always there for you, no matter what and love you for who you are. They hate to disappoint people and are super funny while they always look at the bright sides if things. If you know a Briana give her a hug, she is amazing.
*Hears the name Briana - Faints because so Amazing*
by B.Yea.Lol July 22, 2014
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Briana is a great friend and is beautiful inside and out! Can be insecure but that is because people always hate on her cuz she is so dang pretty!! But usually is very confident and don't let what other people think bring her down. Briana's are super smart and have awesome personalities. Briana's are super sweet and never judge and someone you can always talk to and trust.
"Ugh she is so pretty. Who is that?
"That is Briana."

"I trust Briana with my life."
by NERD99 March 18, 2013
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A girl with a kind and passionate heart. She is really beautiful but doesn’t seem to think so. She may have those days when she doesn’t feel like herself and she feels lonely but if someone tries to cheer her up, she automatically is happy. She doesn’t have that much self esteem. She is quiet at first but if you get closer to her, she is the loudest girl ever. She tends to care about others more than she does herself. She has a very contagious smile and brightens up the room when she walks in. She is a wonderful human being :)
Person 1: Hey look! It’s Briana
Briana: Hey guyyssss!
Person 1: *smiles*
by Yoongi Is Mood June 16, 2019
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Girl who is so damn hot and makes cute faces to Keep you happy. She knows the deal and she values the relationship more than you do. Sensitive yet caring. Do get deceived by her action, she is smarter than you think. She down plays her smartness to just to make you comfortable and have fun. She is the synonym for perfection.
oh damn she is one Briana!

She is not just perfect, she is Briana.
by Prazy November 19, 2014
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Briana is amazing

She has the most perfect personality

She is very loving
She is so beatiful, hot, sexy
She can fix a broken heart

When your phone lights up
And you see she texted you

You instantly feel happy

She is really really amazing

Theres no word to explain how amazing she is
Amazing doesn't really cut it
Maybe she has her ups and downs

But once you see her true side
You will fall in love
That girl is so amazing and beautiful

Oh thats Briana
by Itna_tsirhc January 26, 2017
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She is a very beautiful and smart.She always looks happy but she has a broken heart.She will do everythink to keep you smile.She is very shy and innocent,so be careful with her :)
Look,is Briana!
She seems so happy
by Asuha90 December 24, 2017
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She like to eat a lot of food watch Netflix and sleep at lot has a sister that she claims is annoying
by Painkillers July 8, 2017
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