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Noun- A real cool cat. She's talkative and hates horror movies. She enjoys music and is so childish yet wise beyond her years at the same time. Smart, funny and beautiful are all words that could be used to describe her. She's caring for everyone sometimes to a fault. Anything she does she puts her heart and soul into and it's adorable. Has a lot of little quirks that a lot of people might think are stupid but they're really great. Kaylen is a real catch. Shes hard to find but if you can make sure you cherish her because she's the best thing that will ever happen to you.
"Kaylen is the best"
by TommyJ August 06, 2017
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- A Puerto Rican Goddess , with Long Curly Hair , Amazing Body & Beautiful Smile.

- Gorgeous Girl
" Oh Look ! Thats Kaylen . "

" Oh really ? Shes Beautiful . "
by Lahh' Rocco January 12, 2012
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Classy, sociable and passionate, Kaylen is her own unique brand of sexy! If you like a lady who always looks good, can charm anyone, and also embraces her feminine and wild sides then look no further!
Always fashionable, elegant and well groomed, she is tasteful and sophisticated, with an eye for quality, beauty and harmony in all things. The refined and caring woman loves everything about romance, seduction and partnership. She will constantly work towards improving a relationship, and care for her partner both physically and emotionally.
She probably has a very large network of friends and a hectic social life. This can make dating difficult initially unless you like crowds, and can often leave you wondering where exactly you fit into her life. Kaylen can also come across as somewhat egotistical at times, which can compound this situation. Kaylen.
Holy cow Kaylen! Just look at you glow you cunt. Looking at you Kaylen the pow pow pow pow out of those nigga eyes. Shabam.

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by By "hot cheetos" and die. December 19, 2016
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Boy 1: I'm going to ask Kaylen out
Boy 2: no way dude, she's not ur type
Boy 1: what do u mean
by Carry Mcsquirtlefarts March 19, 2017
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This is a person who knows things. She brings out the best in everyone. Her name means keeper of the keys, she unlocks the best things about us and make us shine. She is talented, very funny, and beautiful. On the inside and out. She is a real angel. She might be a bit "violent" but in reality, what you say hurts her. No matter how tough she appears. She is a real people pleaser. No matter how many times she messes up, she did not have the strive to hurt. She can be your best friend or your worst enemy. She loves God with all her heart. She is a good person.
Dude/Dudette #1: Is that Kaylen?
Dude/Dudette #2: Yes, that is her.
Dude/Dudette #3: Oh , I know her. She is awesome.
by Blah_Blah_Blah! January 25, 2018
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Beautiful,smart,loving,caring girl
Has many friends
A good girl
Loved by all
Teacher's favorite
Sometimes bullied
Very lucky
Many family members
Boy1:Hey look at that girl over there
Boy2:Yeah, she's cute
Boy1:Her name is Kaylen. What a beautiful name.
Boy2:she is totally mine
by Kphong December 20, 2017
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v. FAIL or 2. accomplish something not thought possible usually in an ironic or humorous sense. Often to the folly and misfortune of the accomplished. past: Kaylened
Holy shit, how did you Kaylen so hard on that railing?""Shit next time you try to sit all cool on a railing try not to twitter is down.
by Douglas "Tim Curry" Adams June 26, 2011
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