Main Cashier. This person is your ride or die. They will be there through it all and till the end, the end of your shift and the end of your life.

Main cashier
Mc #maincashier #mc loml short text gabriel
"... and this guy/girl right here is my MC. He/She is someone that I can count on to be there through it all."

"I got an MC, an they gonna be there till the end; end of my shift, end of my walk to the dumpster as I clean up their trash mess, end of the path of this shot rubberband, end of my arm, holding my hand, end of my lips as we share a kiss, end of my life when I close my eyes in bliss." (Romantic scenario)
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by Jacks_thuum September 07, 2019
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Stands for yuh β€œmudda cunt” or for those perfect English speakers, your β€œ mother cunt” Basically a form of cursing, on the levels of bitch or asshole but a lil higher, usually used at the end of a sentence but can be used within a sentence or in the middle of a sentence! It is very effective and can be an instant kill if used properly when in a cuss out!

U are most welcome! ☺️
For example; β€œhull yuh MC!!” Or β€œ hush yuh MC”
by Trini man September 21, 2019
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