the grossest thing in exsistance. red faced, short, kandi kid, usually looks liek 'it' is about to goto a rave. the/a nugget doesnt have a gender, and it to be referred as 'it'. its so ugly, you will lose your appitite, to be serious. my friend was eating saw it...and put his food down. be carful, nuggetsor sometiems referred to as nug,m are known for carrying dieases sucha as; herpies, warts, scabbies, pubic lice, cancer, aids. if you get touched by the nugget, chances are, you have cancer, or will turn to stone. ohh and the nugget, is usually aphilitated with baboonaphile
o-dawg:"oh gross look its the nugget!"
quinn: "oh where?"
*looks* **pukes**
by o-dawg March 26, 2007
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1. To turn someone's backpack inside out without them becoming aware of the deed.

1. Steal a person’s or multiple people’s backpack(s) without alerting the backpack's owner(s) and/or legal guardian(s).

2. Remove the contents from the backpack's main compartment. *On almost all models of backpacks the main compartment is the largest compartment, and often the easiest to “nugget”.

3. Once the main compartment is empty, turn the backpack inside out. *Backpacks with back pads seem to cause trouble so don't be afraid to place your foot on the bottom of a backpack and kick inward. If done correctly the backpack will give in and turn inside out. *WARNING: Standing up in a classroom environment and kicking a backpack may cause unwanted attention from classmates, teachers, and worst of all the “nugget” victim(s). So try to be as covert as possible.

4. If you’re doing a basic nugget, place the backpack’s original contents in the “new” main compartment, place the shoulder straps inside, zip it back up, and leave a note if you so desire. *Be gentle with the victim’s belongings, if nothing is damaged most teachers will at worst give you only a warning since nothing was actually damaged.

5. Now return either the victim’s “nuggeted” bag to the location where you first found it or go the extra mile and hide it from the victim. *In the best case scenario the victim won’t become aware that his/her backpack is missing until the dismissal bell rings, so he’ll/she’ll have to walk to the next class while holding a “nugget” in his/her arms. When other classmates see the victim they’ll immediately know what has happened and erupt into laughter causing even more embarrassment for the victim.

Now, if you really want to outdo yourself and impress every girl in school you must pull off a “Super Nugget”. Do steps 1 and 2 but instead of placing the items from the main compartment back in, keep them out. Now try to place the entire backpack in the smallest compartment. If you’re unable to do so on the first attempt, remove items from another compartment(s) (some backpack models have a secondary compartment that are almost as large as the main compartment) and finish what you have started! A “Super Nugget” may sound easy to the novice “nuggeter” because you don’t need to place the victim’s belongs back in, but what happens to his/her belonging? Yeah, you’re now stuck with them and a huge stack of books and miscellaneous crumpled papers is a big sign of a “nugget” going down in the area so keep it together, and don’t give up!

(If the pack's owner spots you and you have yet to complete the nugget, don't stop, you're no good if you can't take a little pressure.)
Nuggeting is a lifestyle not a hobby!
- P. Diddy.
by ChuckThunder December 9, 2004
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Superior nuggets which nugget with extreme nugget.
Nuggetness...Jordan you should consider watching boku no hero academia. :)
by Not Mitchell O'Beef January 7, 2019
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Nugget - refers to a low tier thing or electronic, or simply a term to refer to out of date tech regardless of quality. Usage popularized by the YouTuber Dankpods.
Have you seen that bootleg iPod Lily bought? It's a total nugget.
by Rupertmurdock November 23, 2022
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A) A lump of fried chicken in which the entire KFC franchise is based around

B) A bag of quality marijuana

C) The result of a school prank, in which the victim is distracted, everything is removed from their schoolbag, the schoolbag itself is flipped inside-out, everything is put back in, and the resulting "nugget" is left for the victim to find and de-nugget

D) Parental slang for "idiot"

E) Spontaneous nickname for a child who is excessively cute, funny, innocent-looking, etc.

F) Slang for any large sexual part on a girl's body

G) A small lump of something precious, often gold or fried chicken. Duh

H) A word with multiple definitions of the Urban Dictionary, in which this defintion has been compiled from all the other definitions by a sad guy with nothing better to do with his time.
A) Joe: You wanna go to KFC and grab a nugget or two?

Jim: Nah thanks, I don't wanna have a heart attack. Again.

B) Joe: Where have you been?

Jim: Oh, I was just smokin' mah nugget. It was awesome!


Jim: You just got nugget'd, duh! *cracks up*

D) Joe: Oops, I didn't mean to break it!

Joe's mother: Oh Joe, you're such a nugget!

E) Joe: Aww, isn't that baby cute?

Jim: Yeah, he's duch a nugget!

F) Joe: Holy sh•t man! Look at the nuggets on that one!

Jim: I'll ready the lube!

G) Random gold miner: G'day mate! We be diggn' fer gold


Joe: Why should I care, I got mah KFC nuggets right here.

H) You're reading it right now.
by iDWiA June 12, 2011
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To amputate all of somebody's limbs, turning them into a nugget.
A man was nuggetized in a car accident today.

After the mugging, she was nuggetized and left to die.
by BANGEXPLOSIVE October 5, 2015
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