A black grime artist originating from Croydon in London.

Typically seen in an adidas tracksuit or occasionally a Gucci suit
The most popular grime artist (in terms of records sold etc.) and made Grime become more mainstream than it originally was
Not much is known about his childhood, although you get a grasp that he grew up in a culture dominated by drugs, guns and gang violence
Rose to huge fame with his songs "Know Me From" and "Shut Up" which were released in January and December 2015 consecutively
His latest album, "Gang Signs and Prayer" was released in February 2017
He is 6'5 and goes by nicknames such as Gunshot Michael, Mr Skeng, WickedSkengMan, MERK and The Problem
Stormzy: If grime's dead then how am i here?
Fans: Talk 'bout him better #problem

Stormzy: Come round call me a back-up dancer? On stage at the brits
by I'mKindaShitReally February 11, 2018
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Stormzy is a rapper. Whose outfit consists of a red and white-stripped track-suit.
He was dressed as Stormzy for fancy dress.
by HalfBloodpotion March 19, 2016
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Noun - The opposite of having butterflies in your stomach. For example when you haven’t seen your love for a long time you get this feeling in your Stomach! The word derives from the word Stomach and Storm as you get a feeling of a strong storm in your Stomach.
Brad: Ay Bro I haven’t seen my Babe for 2 weeks now and these Stormzies are getting worse!
Jeff: Damn! It’s time for you to visit her.
by kingg._. March 13, 2020
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When you get 13 year olds who listen to a couple of Stormzys songs then they think they are hard as balls and also try to be roadmen. This is usually on 13 year olds who want to "shank" up people after listening to this music artist.
Friend:You see that kid .
You:Yeah what about him.
Friend: He has been effected by the stormzy effect
by Acclider December 31, 2016
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The stormzy effect is when you get young teenagers thinking they are maxed out and killing machines because they listen to Stormzy
"Why is that 12 y/o running around talking about popping MCs?" "Stormzy effect"
by RorySowersby April 2, 2017
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Wannabe road man/woman who listens to shut up by stormzy and now thinks they know all his songs and think there hard
Yo shut up is sick

Is that the only stormzy song you know
Yeah but it's the best
God listens to stormzy once
by @yo.esketit January 12, 2018
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