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Hip hop based vocal music that attempts to express scientific, technological, or futuristic concepts using any style of lyricism as a vessel for it's message.

Nerd rap, as with all forms of self expression, is difficult to classify and is executed with varying degrees of excellence. Many artists have dabbled in nerd rap at one time or another without specifically meaning to and, vice-versa, many self proclaimed "nerd rappers" do not fit this definition.
A PS to the guy who thinks rap isn't music:

Music= Sound arranged over time.

Stop giving good nerds a bad name.

"Scienticians make good nerd rap!"
by SCIENTICIANS February 06, 2006
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originally originated, and closely associated with nerd rap music. The greatest movement in hip hop, since "gangsta rap", nerd rap has taken over many white, angry, emotional, distressful, prepubescent teens.
"Yo man...this Aesop shit is bangin' dude, seriously bro"

"Aesop? Nerd rap, fa sho"
by AFFEX August 29, 2004
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nerd rappers like anticon and shit, they all have skills to use words that have no relation to the subject at hand in order for them to sound more intelligent and rush as many syllables in as quickly as possible while holding litte to no rhythm... not to mention the wack ass beats they are usually on. especially the subject matter, like i give a fuck how pathetic your life is and how you have done everything wrong and the government and society is to blame.
yo dude nerd rap is the fucking shit!it like totally rocks and its for whiteys like me
by mad$een February 17, 2005
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Doesn't exist; any true nerd despises rap, which ISN'T MUSIC BY THE WAY
There is no such thing as nerd rap.
by Norin March 11, 2005
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