A honorific for Miss/Mrs that does not tell their married state.
Ms. Kathy spoke at the lecture hall today.
by DemonRaven March 07, 2015
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Monkey Scrotum when your scrotum is the same as a monkeys
OMG get your ms out of my mouth
by LuminousWedgie March 08, 2007
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A group of hard-core bad-ass motherfuckers in Souf Baltimore that are rollin 30 deep.
O shit here comes the MS, they flip the shizzle fo' rizzle my nizzle, im outie they are some straight up gangstas!!
by CJ April 04, 2005
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A warning for a friend when they are doing something dodgy and there is someone you dont want to know what you are doing aproaching. Used around North Shore of Sydney.
Simply said as "MS". ie. MS cops, or just MS.
by GroverMan October 28, 2006
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