Oh man, have you seen that old guy, he's got a huge M.S

Jay lenno has a M.S on his face
by desmund tootoo July 16, 2010
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Very common abbreviation of Microsoft. Also M$, Micro$oft, Micro$haft.
I just installed another MS security update.
by amnca November 05, 2003
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M's is how many millions of dollars you got in your bank account

Person 1: "I got 5 M's in my bank account"
Person 2: "Shut up we all know you work at McDonald's part-time...
"This guy has like 50 M's!"
by ComfyPants11 September 29, 2017
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Stands for either:

1. Microsoft.
2. MySpace.
3. MapleStory.

among other things...
1. I used MS Word the other day to type up an essay.
2. I deleted some friends on MS.
3. I got kill-stealed on MS for the 50 millionth time.
by gs68 June 27, 2006
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Ms is the person the Mr can't live without. The only person who makes the Mr happy. If there was no Ms the Mr wouldn't have a reason to smile. He'd be so sad, most likely sulking around his room, etching her name into the wall. The Ms is someone the Mr wants to share his life with, the person he wants to marry. He wants to be able to wake up every morning, knowing that his Ms is always going to be at his side. She is the most beautiful and important person in the world to the Mr, that's why he gets around to making himself look like a pussy. The Mr fucking loves his Ms.
Jacob and Kelly, pfft, the one and only true Mr and Ms.
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an abbreviated form of the phrase My Sack. The term M.S. originated in small towns. Lack of energy in speaking the whole phrase being the main identifying factor for its origin.
by trachlor October 20, 2006
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More Shit. Also see B.S. (Bull Shit)
MHOTY! You already got a B.S. and now you are aiming for M.S.
by MIT-GUY August 11, 2012
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