(n) - An international transportation network company similar to Uber that provides in-app ridesharing services at a lower rate than a traditional taxi.
Sam: I need to get to the airport, but mom has the car!
Alex: Just open Lyft on your phone and drop a pin on your location.
by B-1Fighter August 16, 2015
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guy one: sick party, ima call a lyft
Guy two: fuck that, just get an uber
by Licxs November 24, 2019
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When a person experiences something that inspires and / or uplifts them
Watching that movie really lyfted me.
by theauthormarkwilkins September 29, 2017
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Like your first time!
“But How are you getting there??”
by 0nemanband November 23, 2019
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A lyft driver who believes with all his heart Lyft is life sleep eat and talk lyft every conversation some how ends up leading to Lyft if you know anyone who needs a ride tell them about lyft Dude
I need a ride to work after my spouse beat me and the Lyft Dude made it to me before the cops did
by Bryan K Bradley February 19, 2019
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A lifted vehicle used for Lyft.
My ride to the airport this morning was Lyft-ed.
by Golden029 April 1, 2019
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A millennial’s “Walk of Shame”; the awkward Lyft ride to one’s place of residence after an unanticipated escapade of sorts (usually sexual). Almost always experienced in clothing from the previous night.
“I totally had to take a Lyft of Shame this morning, I swear I didn’t mean to stay at his place!”
by lillatke July 19, 2019
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