57 definitions by theauthormarkwilkins

An wanna-be entrepreneur who has a bunch of get rich schemes but is always broke.
His business card says he's an entrepreneur but he's actually entreprebroke!
by theauthormarkwilkins February 15, 2017
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Someone who has psychic powers to such a degree that they seem to be a whole different species.
OG: Isn’t that the lady who told you not to take that plane and then it crashed?

G; Yeah she’s a real ESPcian!
by theauthormarkwilkins January 30, 2017
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Something evil that is so compelling it consumes you.
That horror movie was totally evilicious.
by theauthormarkwilkins January 30, 2017
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A bald face lie usually told by someone who is either delusional or a psychopathic liar.
Trump's Press Secretary often cites alternative facts during press conferences.
by theauthormarkwilkins January 26, 2017
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The sections of America where a majority of people voted for Trump for President.
Many of Trump's supporters live in the trumpbelt of America.
by theauthormarkwilkins January 31, 2017
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A trump booty is a condition in which your booty gets wrinkled and grows orange hair.
Mrs. Boogie was afraid to go skinny dipping because she didn't want anyone to know that she has trump booty.
by theauthormarkwilkins February 2, 2017
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What Trump will replace Obama Care with, aka a bus token for a ride to the Free Clinic.
OG: Why did it take your wife six hours to get treated for her stab wound?
G: Trump care.
by theauthormarkwilkins January 26, 2017
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