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a carefree adventure in which a group of individuals runs about late at night, preferably scnatily dressed.
"were going on an escapade tonight!"
by fabio12345 March 07, 2009
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(verb) To get someone's phone number.

It is a Friday Night Cranks reference.
example 1: Hey, can I escapade you?

example 2: I'm gonna escapade her next time I see her.

example 3: I shouldn't have let that guy escapade me, now he won't stop calling!
by SteveTheCookie August 13, 2010
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An intimate journey/quest under the influence of e. Such an experience involves hours of intimate hugging, cuddling, and group soul searching.
A: "Wow, that was an epic eScapade last night. I think I fell in love with everybody."

B:" Yeah man, you were rolling face...did you find heaven?"
by cuddlepanda34 December 14, 2010
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a large scale adventure involving whisk & trees
i had some escapades today, cimbing trees & making fudge brownies out of whisk!
by Angelica & Drew July 01, 2008
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A slang word for "escapede'", used by the primitive Moungrels in their early years of uniting as a sign of being extremely hungry or horny, or a mixture of both.
Freddie: "Boy! I am so escapade!!"
Jessica: "Ya, well, you can eat me and **** me at the same time."
by Justin June 09, 2004
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