Strong feelings between two people, but not necessarily love. It's best seen in very close friends. Also seen when a guy (or girl) is too cheap or nervous to say "I love you."
by Sleepyyawn July 2, 2011
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When one or both parties in a relationship don't quite love eachother, but have feelings for them that are strong.
by Kelsi4192 May 9, 2007
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A re-defined version of "love". when you are too cheap to tell someone you love them (for lack of emotion) "LURV" is the next best thing.
Boy:"I love you."
Girl:"...i Lurv you too"
by Poetaetoe face January 18, 2005
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To care for, to understand deeply, to extinguish (as in the fire of ones gaze), to leave wanting more.
I lurv Holly, everytime our eyes meet, I just can't leave her.
by VincentKerrazzi January 22, 2008
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Girl: "I lurv you bob"
Boy: "I lurv you too"
by sky2yoshimura March 22, 2008
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All the feels has me wanting to tell that I lurv you. I have so much lurv for you it's ridiculous.
by Hearts on left hands January 26, 2016
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