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Strong feelings between two people, but not necessarily love. It's best seen in very close friends. Also seen when a guy (or girl) is too cheap or nervous to say "I love you."
by Sleepyyawn July 2, 2011
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The ultimate "OH SHIT" moment for teens across America. When the parents try to speak to their children about sex. However this is usually uneffective, since the teen usually has known for maybe years.
Son, it's time for... The Talk.
by Sleepyyawn June 13, 2011
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One of the best bands ever, the best thing in Canada.

Though (Trust me, I'm a huge fan), they're songs are a bit repetitive. If they are to work on that, then they can become so much bigger and popular.
1 Thing
2 Say
3 Days Grace
4 Ever!

Overused comment on about all Three Days Grace videos.
by Sleepyyawn July 18, 2011
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